Monday, December 15, 2014

Euro Disney Paris

Today we did Disney it was lots of fun  I went on two rides and that was enough for me. I was there for five hours and I had had enough.
So I said goodbye to Fran dani and the girls and came back home. ON MY OWN!  Yes folks I did it. Out if the park back to the train station and onto the train back to Paris and our hotel. The biggest problem I had was finding the right exit out of the station as I wanted to go into the shopping centre as I needed to find a pharmacy. another reason I came home early was I have the flu. So then I had to fine the pharmacy and get some flu tablets and walked back to the hotel. It was an adventure pushing my comfort zone but I did it. I'm pretty proud of myself. I even got chatted up by a French man. But I kept going lol
So if you like Disney and are into that thing give it a go. Me well I've done one Disney park not really interested in doing others. 
See ya


  1. You did well Angela, including avoiding an admirer! Sorry to hear you've got the flu though.