Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bah humbug

Usually I’m all bah humbug. 
In the past it was just money we didn’t have 
And then the kids were older 
And then I just didn’t have the energy with a chronic illness 
But I have friends who love Christmas and dianne, who I meet at swimming, really really loves Christmas 
And she offered to help me do it all 
So I finally said. Ok lol 
This is usually all I do  plus a wreath on the front door 

But now I have this as well 
Looks great doesn’t it. 
They’re not on. But there is 1200 lights on it as well!
But that’s not all 
There are two like this! 

I know. 
They do look great. Especially at night with the lights on. 
2400 of them! 
So I know have three Christmas trees 
And dianne has plans for even more 
As she is happy to come and do it all 
I’m all for it. 
I really do like the decorations. Just don’t have the spare energy 
Can’t wait until Melody comes over and sees it. 
That’s how they finally convinced me 
Melody will love it so you have to do it lol 
See ya xxx


  1. That is awesome! Merry Christmas,my friend.

  2. Seems far too early! Not even December. However, I know melody will just love.......three? Xmas trees. Won't say happy Xmas just yet though.

    1. I know. I’ve never done this before. But it looks like everyone is getting organised earlier and earlier every years
      Well at least now I have somewhere to put the presents And I’m going to start doing the Christmas shop very soon

  3. aw, what a lovely friend to do that for you. The Christmas trees and lights are so beautiful :D)