Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Still here.

Hello all 
Yes I’m still here. I’ve not been well. I finally crashed I think. 
I’ve been home doing only the essentials and resting. 
But today I woke up and I feel better. 

Had an ouchie massage appointment this morning and 
For once I wasn’t that bad. 
Resting has its advantages! 

So after being fixed I wasn’t as sore as I usually am. 
This meant that I was able to do things that I needed to do 

So far today 
Bed stripped and remade with clean sheets
Sofa that was ordered on line arrived this morning and has been put together and currently being used by me! 
The old sofa, which is still in really good nick, but doesn’t have the support it once had,
Has found a new home.  It’s going to be picked up this weekend. 

Meds have been bought and restocked!
Supermarket shopping done, and put away! 
Coffee at a friends house, got to keep those friendship ties going 
And a new remote for the television has been ordered. 

I’m pretty sure I’m going to feel it later on 
But for now I’m happy I’m back up to date 

Feeling under the weather and not being able to drive really does put a spanner in the works. 

Hope your all well and up to date in your lives 

See ya xxx


  1. Thank goodness you're feeling better. Certainly got a lot done! Time to enjoy all that new sofa and good friends. You can overdo the social side now!

  2. Sorry to hear you have been unwell. I hope you continue to feel better xxx