Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Long weekend

Easter long weekend was lovely, sunny and very warm 
We decided to spend some time in the garden. 
We weeded and added organic blood and bone 
Some lime to sweeten the soil
And planted more seedlings 

We still have chillies producing and eggplants have flowers so I’m hoping we will get a few before 
The weather turns really cold 

My Camilla's are flowering 
And promise to make a stunning boarder in a few years 

Today I got out my quilts, the ones I still have.
And decided to display them on my old clothes horse 

I would love to get one of those old fashioned ones
But for now this will do 
There is even room for a couple more! 

Our newest granddaughter is due one week from today 
So we are all just waiting now for her to make her appearance 

Life is just moving along
Greek Easter is in four weeks 
So we will do the egg thing again then

Hope you all had a lovely Easter 
Or Passover
Or just a nice break 

See ya xx


  1. Look at all those quilts. You're leaving leaving a legacy there. What a great display.
    You've reminded me that we used to put lime on the compost. I might look and see if K has any in the shed. I use anything and everything.

    1. It’s a few years worth I hope once I’m gone my descendants appreciate them
      Yup lime on the compost is great. Helps break it down quicker I think

  2. That straw mulch looks attractive - F and Mr T used to take little naps in the straw mulch at our allotment on sunny days. We were just imagining that warm (not burning hot) sunshine, prickly bits of straw, tickly things you imagine are insects, humming of bees, bird song in the big hedge beside our garden, very distant urban sounds and the occasional aeroplane....nice smells...fresh straw does smell nice.

    1. It’s organic sugar cane mulch
      It breaks down and adds nutrients to the soil as well as keeping weeds down and moisture in