Monday, May 27, 2013


A little while ago I purchased two dresses at only $10.00 each. I knew I wouldn't wear them as they were but at that price who could resist  
I wanted to make them into skirts because I love long flowing skirts. I loved the colours of these and I knew they would look great  
I measured and cut and sewed. I added some elastic that I got for less than a dollar and viola a brand new skirt. I'm wearing this one now and I feel fabulous, especially knowing how cheap it is. If I go back and there are more dresses I'll get me some more and really boost my wardrobe for the winter. A pair of leggings underneath and a long warm cardie and I'm set.
See ya


  1. I love a bargin ! well done x

  2. Good for you Angela. Great bargain indeed. I have a couple of frocks that were given as gifts, I might do this too as I don't wear dresses but do wear skirts :)


  3. Hello Angela
    I must have missed this post - lucky you to be so inventive. Love the nice purpley colours of the dresses