Sunday, June 2, 2013

Away camping

SThis weekend we headed off camping. We packed our stuff and left around lunchtime of on Friday. 
First thing you need to do is set up your tent, rain was forcast so and extra precaution of a quick shade made sure we did not get wet
Saturday night we cooked up a roast beef with veggies in our camp oven. I didn't take a shot of the food as we we're way hungry and ate it all up too quickly. Let me tell you we had the beef, potatoes,pumping, carrots all in the oven and peas and corn were cooked on the single burner. Yummy! 
While 4x4 driving on Saturday we found this hut, inside there were two bunk beds and a huge fire place. Leanne is signing the visitors book. Anyone can use it! 

And here is a koala just sitting in its tree, it was further down but when we stopped to take photos it climbed higher. We must of looked scary lol the biggest thing about this weekend is that I had to drive all the way to the camp site and do the 4x4 driving and drive home again because my dear hubby has lost all his points and is barred from driving for three months. Let me tell you I was so nervous. The car even had things on the roof and driving up the winding roads fully loaded was very scary. But we made it there and back again and no damage or deaths so all is good. 
See ya


  1. Oh my 4 wd driving good for you! You will be hooning before you know it.
    Love Leanne

  2. What a fun adventure you had, You will be a 4x4 pro in no time. I love the koala photo too. I see all the leaves have fallen. So winter is almost there.

  3. That sounds like so much fun. I have never gone camping!I love the last photo with the koala! How cute they must be!!

  4. You are brave going camping at this time of year. I bit too windy for tents here at the moment, although the weather is pretty mild.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  5. oh no ! not another camper ! i would camp anywhere as long as its a 5 star motel. the roast beef sounded nice though and the little shanty for anyone ( but not me) to use. Glad you had a great time. It is pouring with icy cold rain here. lisa x

  6. Sounds good - except for the driving part. I haven't been camping in years, now we go to Best Western. :D