Thursday, April 10, 2014


Here we are at chemo again. Another six rounds to see if we can get it under control. 
Leanne wanted this photo so the very nice nurse took it for us. I look thrilled don't i lol. We are known as team leanne  by the staff. We have been going there longer than most of them. As you can see we are experts now with our water bottles and in our bags packed lunches iPads and I even bring knitting. All to help us pass the time. I truly hope you never have to spend time in a chemo ward but if you do. Take plenty to do and all your snacks. Because it can be a long day 
See ya


  1. Thanks for the tip about what to bring. You guys look good in your photo.

  2. Excellent photo Angela- do you realize that if you take the last letter of your name and put it at the front it says A Angel which is kind of cool if not grammatically correct xx