Friday, April 18, 2014

More chrissy stuff

I can't tell you what this is. I'm making some small hand knitted pressies for the girls at knitting group. I'll add a few little things and make up small parcels for each one. 
I saw these on Pinterest and thought wow I know a few ladies who would use these.
So I'm Hopeing to make them all in the next few weeks inbetween my larger projects. I'm funny I like to have a slow project and  also something that I can start and finishe on the same day going at the same time. I think. If I finish something I feel like I've acheived for the day. If I work on my large project I feel like I've been busy doing nothing all day. Anyone else feel like this or is it me lol
I've broken the diet and had chocolate but who cares I've been good for so long I'm not stressing about it. 
So for now hubby is having a grandpa nap and it nice and quiet so I'll keep knitting 
See ya


  1. That's a good idea - working on two things at a time. It does feel better to have finished a project the same day. You're a smart cookie!

  2. How pretty! You are so creative!
    Thank you for your support! I am dusting myself off as we speak!
    be blessed and have a lovely time!