Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rainy day

The rains are definitely here and it's a dark and dreary day. It's not cold enough to light the fire but I really felt that the house wasn't quite right without it. So I lit candles instead. 
Not quite the same but it made me feel better
Have spent the day making more flowers to turn into hair clips which will be sold at an autism awareness day to raise money for autism awareness. I will buy the hair clips at spotlight and my daughter in law will hot clue them and sell them at her stall. 
I hope they sell well?
And here is miss bella. Snuggled amongst the wool and blanky. She is very good and knows not to play with the yarn. And because she is good I have given her, her own little ball of yarn which she loves. 
She really is a good girl, when she sleeps lol
See ya

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