Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Samhain 2014

A blessed Samhain to all in the Southern Hemisphere 
And our brothers and sisters in the north, a merry Beltain to you all, may your harvest be plentiful. 
So mote it be )0(


  1. Have a blessed Samhein night!
    How nice that you had a pet frog! I love big frogs!!

    1. Thank you sweetie, yes I miss him/her. But during the summer the nightly frog song puts me to sleep with a smile knowing my land is health enough for them to live and prosper

  2. Blessings of inner peace and acceptance to you dear Angela. Your constant presence in my life is a source of great love and happiness within me xx

  3. Awww thqnk you Lisa, know that I too feel the same. Knowing I have a soul sister out there, brings me joy xxx