Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cheap jeans

Last year there was a sale on. Jeans were only $7.00. I got myself these two. At the time I was a size 14 but I purchased size 12 as I was determined to keep losing weight. 
Well they fit now. Only problem was they were too long. I'm only a shorty. 
To get them professionally shortened would be between $10 and $15 dollars each. Twice what I paid for them. 
So I did it myself. I took my time measured twice and cut once. Ever locked the raw edges and pined and hemmed. They are the perfect length and don't look too bad. 
So there you go. You can do anything if set your mind to it. 
See ya 


  1. Same problem here - little short legs mean i have to try to find 'short' length trousers. Or wear the cost of going to see Lucy - who is very nice and does beautiful stitching.
    Did you wash the jeans first before cutting?

    1. No cathy I didn't wash first. Should I? Oh well if the shrink I'll make them 3/4 length lol but I never have before even when I take them to the ladies in cranbourne

  2. Sometimes you just got to bite the bullet and have a go, and you did just fine. They look all okay to me :)


    1. Thanks Tania. I'm sure they will last as long as I need them. Same deal. If they fray too much I'll recut and turn them into 3/4 length lol although as I overloaded the edges I'm hopeing they won't