Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday funnies.

I've decided that Friday I will post funny pics. Here's hoping I remember lol 
Stay strong. Long weekend coming 


  1. Congratulations on your success. I know what a high it is to make fitness part of your life. 3 years ago i started a nutrition plan that helped me balance a lot of my hormonal issues and led into me losing 45 kilos. Unfortunately although i kept most of it out, after my pregnancy my thyroid fluctuated very badly and some of it found its way back. Also, a back injury from high school got really bad after giving birth and i was supposed to rest for big periods of time. But, having found this nutrition plan helped me stay healthy and not put on a lot of my weight back. I remember the way it was before and it feels like a different life. I only hope soon enough i will be able to be much more active without pain and i can go back to kick boxing which is my favorite way to exercise. I enrolled this year but only managed to go a few times because it aggravates my back issues.
    The most challenging thing i had to go through besides the chronic pain situation was sleep deprivation due to the hormonal imbalances. It was horrible, but my thyroid seems to be balancing out, my skin(which became unimaginably dry due to the extreme hypothyroidism) seems to be getting better, i lost most of the weight i took after giving birth when my gland went crazy, my back is getting stronger, i sleep much more and i got a baby out of this ordeal so, i count my blessings.

  2. No 1 is the one for me LOL