Saturday, January 10, 2015

New toy

Hubby was telling me that as part of his continued training as a RWC mechanic he needed to learn how to use a tablet and could I teach him. Hummmm I decided he really need one of his own and I've been eyeing off the new iPad airs. 
So we decided to get me a new one and he could have my old one. Pretty clever on my part don't you think lol
Isn't she pretty in her new cover as well
I have transferred all information ontoy new iPad and cleaned everything off my old one back to basics. I even got a new cover for him. More manly than the pink and black one I had now iPad driving class will begin this afternoon.eish me luck hahaha
See ya


  1. You dickens you, devious, but smart!

  2. Oh yes very clever on your part, very pretty cover too!

    Good luck with the lessons :)


  3. Did you download the ipad instructions for him from itunes? They 'help' but not as much as one on one talking

    1. No. I will just show him. He won't need it for much else than accessing the website. I don't understand why he needs the tablet. New been using the laptop for years. How knows it all worked out for me lol