Saturday, April 13, 2013

The wheel turns

Slowly the wheel of the year is turning. The days have started to chill a little, although its by no means cold.
We have put the rose garden to bed with its annual cover of mulch. Since the chickens now live the we used hay that was grown and bailed here from our paddock.
The chickens will take care of any seeds that decided to germinate, so no weeding needed.
The sky was very grey and the the wind was coming from the south.
This can mean that rains are coming, more reliable evidence is my body. The aches and pains tell me that yes rain is indeed coming.
So I have hung my towels out under the back veranda to dry.
Have a great weekend
See ya


  1. You have a beautiful rose garden. I love the way you let the chicks do the gardening for ya. LOL Good ideal.

  2. Your hens are all so lovely - they are a very consistent and organized looking flock compared to my motley menagerie! Lovely rose garden - I don't have roses now bcs I haven't got any fences and the goats would just eat them. :(