Monday, April 1, 2013


 day two and we visited the maori cultural center and thermal centre. this is the meeting house were we were treated to maori dancing and singing.
 the thermal mud this is the dry section I loved the sculpered textures.
 the Pohutu geyser was an awesome sight. the smell not so great.

 the performers, we had to pick a chief and he had to pass a test before we were invited inside to see the presentation.
 at the agrodome were I got up on stage and milked a cow. she was the quietiest cow on the planet. I did get milk out and no I have never milked a cow before. only two were called on stage. me and our rabbi from the ship. he let me go first. THANKS hahah i got a certificate to commorate the moment.
 19 breeds of sheep all rams and oh so quiet. one scottish breed was called jimmy and he was told he had to wave to get more food. Surprise he waved his hoof. very clever boy.
the dogs sitting on the sheep, Jimmy is the second from the left top row. It was the best show and I highly recomend it to anyone who visits.
more tomorrow
see ya


  1. good on you for getting up and milking, it's not as easy as one things aye - quite a skill.
    Looking forward to you next post of your trip
    Love L

  2. never milked a cow either, well done you.

    Gill in Canada