Sunday, August 17, 2014

Keeping busy

Since it's been so cold these last few weeks we have really gone through the wood pile. We needed to get us some more so off hubby and I went and headed to a friends farm. 
We got there and he had already brought some dead trees close to the trqck for us. He then used his machine to hold them up while hubby cut. Much easier on th back! Then he loaded them into our little truck   A really good system. I really didn't need to be there at all so I sat in the truck and drank hot chocolates. Easiest wood gathering day ever!
This is what we brought home. Hubby will pick it up with our little tractor and chop it up and split it using our splitter. As we have gotten older we have been doing things much easier.
Meanwhile we have had two new additions to our flock
If you click on the pic it will get bigger and hopefully easier to see.
This limit guy is about four weeks old now. Isn't he beautiful. You can see th newest lamb in the background. Not sure what that one is. It's only about four days old. 
So as you can see things are going well here on the farmlet. I've been doing better. Keeping myself busy and out of trouble. Last week we had my sons engagement party so as soon as I get hold of some photos I'll share them.
But for now enjoy the rest of the weekend
See ya


  1. Excellent idea for the wood, nice that it was so handy for you!
    What cute fuzzies, love 'em!

  2. now that is cheating re wood but very awesome me thinks too. We are still waiting for lambs been a cold snap so pleased they are not here yet.

  3. The baby's are so adorable! And so happy you have equipment to make it easier to get the firewood cut and split. When I saw the backhoe, it was like, WOW! I miss heavy equipment.