Sunday, August 31, 2014

Baby pics

Here they all are having some hay for breakfast. Can you see the little one. He is very cute
This is the baby. Looks like it's a she. She was very skiddish and so was mum. But I managed to get this shot. After this I got some hay and put it apart form the others and they ate 
And here is the little man. He just loved having his photo taken. I think he was acually doing the blue steel here lol. 
So as you can see spring is well and truly on ite way. Although the morning have been very foggy the days have been gloriously sunny. 
But be warned Melbourne we get most of our rain in spring and I thing its coming. But that's a good thing as we have had a dry winter and we need the water. 
How the weather been in your part of the world?
See ya


  1. I love the photos! So cute too. I hope you do not have our spring. It never stopped raining. And July was cold for summer. Only a week of hot this past week was near 100. Crazy weather. I have to try gardening in a more protective way next year. I wish you the best weather.

  2. Cute young'uns! We have had rain most of the day.