Friday, April 29, 2016

A new friend

Today I got myself a new friend. I've wanted an avery for so long. How is this cage. Pretty isn't it 
This little budgie came with it. I'm pretty sure she's a girl. So I'm going to invest in a boyfriend for her 
And here we have the fur family saying hello lol bird isn't fussed at all 
This bin is half full of seed. So I won't be buying any for a while. 
And it even comes with a cover!
How much was all this you ask?
NOTHING. Free no charge 
Gotta love the universe. 
Happy girl am I 
See ya xxx


  1. That is awesome! So happy for you. A boy will have blue on the nose area.

  2. How nice of the universe to bring you such good fortune. Looks like she will fit in rather well. Congratulations!

  3. So sweet, hope your cats don't climb up the cage - Miss Poppy would love to climb up. I have seen some beautiful budgies, purple blue and grey.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. Oh no Julie and poppy. Cats are just inside cats so no chance of that. Unless one gets out. But the dogs sleep by the cage and they will protect her. I hope lol