Friday, April 8, 2016

Still kicking along

Another week has gone. I just blinked and it did. 
Today I'm concocting another meal. Using what I've got at home. 
So yesterday I defrosted chicken mince and a tub of my home grown summer vegetables and added this pesto to it 
I browned the mince and added the vegetables and sundried tomatoes pesto to it. Currently it's simmering away to let the flavours combine. Tonight I'll cook the pasta. 
Hope it's nice. Smells good. 
How about you? Anyone else like to just throw ingredients together and see what happens? 
See ya xxx


  1. It was when I tasted it. Now I've got pumping and carrot soup cooking and I'm going to use some cans of apricots up and make a crumble. At this rate I won't have to cook all weekend lol

  2. I don't believe I ever heard of chicken mince. We can get ground turkey ...
    Think I would use rice myself, but what do I know - you saw what happened to my pot roast, didn't you? I used to cook however and it was always good - not so anymore. Sigh.
    It looks good! Crumble sounds good as well.

    1. Ground turkey would work too. I just used what ever I had. I invited a could of friends over. I also made pumping and carrot soup and we had the crumble with ice cream. It all went and everyone loved it

  3. I can just imagine the wonderful smell of that cooking! Mmm :-) . Yes I often cook like that...a bit of this and a bit of real recipe. It's lots of fun! Lol