Friday, May 5, 2017


Some of the amazing fungi Mother Nature had provided on the place 
Don't know if they're eatable but they sure do add a strange beauty to the paddocks 
This one looks like a trail of doggie do do lol 
Here is a close up. 
And this one looks just like it's from outer space  a mini rocket ready to take off
The weather has been lovely here. Cold in the morning and sunny all day 
Right now it's almost five in the  evening and I'm sitting outside listening to the birds settle for the night 
Enjoy all the fresh air I can while possible 
See ya xxx


  1. Some real nice shapes. We get them in the yard sometimes when the ground is saturated. I think anything that grew that fast wouldn't have much substance to it. Probably yucky.

  2. Pity you don't know if they are edible, except for the last one. It looks like crop big enough for the pot.

  3. I might have to download an app and see. There definitely is enough for a meal or two