Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Getting creative in the kitchen

Today I felt like Greek chicken soup. But I didn't want to spend lots of money and use up things in the pantry instead 
This is the traditional recipe 
I bought some chicken mince and some turkey mince that was on special 
And combined them with a few eggs, chicken noodle soup mix and some rice

Then I made up some stock using stock powder I had in the pantry and when it was boiling I added the mince mixture 
Using two spoons and making little croquet shapes 
Had to do this bit slowly and let the water come back up to boil 
I also added more rice about a cup full and cooked it until the rice was done
Then I did the egg and lemon mix once it cooled 
I've just had some and it was soooo yummy!
Might keep that one in the rotation I think 
When the mince is on special I get some more and freeze it for when ever I feel like it 
Just a little different than using the chicken pieces 
How about you. Have I inspired you to get creative?
See ya xxx


  1. Tsk tsk. Not traditional?? My traditional person would be shuddering. Sounds perfect to me. A sort of chicken soup/yourvalakia.

  2. Sounds interesting. What is chicken mince? Turkey mince?
    It's cool in here this morning, think I could go for a bowl of something warm that isn't oatmeal. :-)

    1. Chicken and turkey that has been minced up. Like for hamburgers. It was really nice and a hit with everyone.

    2. Hmm, ground ... chicken? Can't get that locally.

  3. The end result looks great Angela... nothing like home made :D)