Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Meet amara. Pronounced ammmmarrrraaahhhhh lol 
She was born on Thursday afternoon and I'm pretty sure she was a  preemie
She was very small and no fat on her at all 
A neighbour saw her and rang hubby, while a second neighbour saw her and collected her 
Just as wonderson had gone in to get her 
She is being bottle fed and loving cared for. 
We have given her colostrum and is having lots of bottles of formula 
Here she is sitting on hubby's knee while he watches television. 
Being so little she sleeps a lot and spends the night in the bathroom. We are keeping her very warm as it's still really cold outside 
Please pray she makes it. Losing her now would be heart breaking! 
Her mum just walked away from her and we even tried to get her to take her the next day. But she didn't even have any milk 
Nothing came out when hubby checked. 
This is her first lamb  so maybe she is too young. 
So this is what has been keeping us busy 
The joys of country living 
See ya xxx


  1. Aw, bless. She's very pretty. So little, I hope she makes it with all the love I'm sure she's getting.

  2. I really hope she's ok. What a sweet little lamb. Bet she ends up as a house pet!!

    1. She won't be in the house once she's bigger. But I'm sure she will follow hubby around for years lol

  3. Oh, what a cutie pie! I hope she makes it.