Friday, January 12, 2018

I’m still here

Sorry I’ve meet MIA lately 
There really is nothing major going on 
Unless you count going to see the doctor for a regular visit to get a refill on. A script, and having a conversation about 
How I might consider weight loss surgery! 
I was shocked!
I know I had slowly been getting those kilos back 
But to me, someone who needs surgery is very very obese and in danger of death
So I went back to swimming five days a week, increased from one hour to one and a half 
Back on the shakes, apparently I’m not eating enough. 
And in just over a month I’ve lost 7.5 kilos( 16.5 pounds)
Half way to getting back to my happy weight of 70 kilos

My Knitting and swim buddy is leaving me. She and her husband are retiring to Queensland 
So I’m pretty upset about that 
But it’s still in Australia so I can visit and she can come back down here and visit us 
I have made more friends at the pool so I still will have swim buddies. 

And baby girl is progressing nicely with her pregnancy 
She was sick at the start but she is glowing now

So as you can see. Lots happening 
But stuff that is only really interesting to me 
Hope your life is going well 
I do visit you all 
Have a great day 
See ya xxxx


  1. The was not right of your Dr to suggest the surgery. You have been doing well on your own. I am glad you are making more friend. But, understand how it feels to not be close by any more. Phone calls help too. Hugs

  2. I'm wondering if that surgery isn't becoming a money maker for the doctors now, rather than to help the morbidly obese.
    Sorry you are losing a buddy. :(

  3. I'm shocked too that he suggested weight loss surgery!! You're hardly in that category. What the hell would he say about me. He'd be amazed I was still alive I guess. I'm a helluva lot heavier than you but surgery is not an option here and my doctor would not even think about suggesting it. He does always suggest diet and exercise though.
    Ye gods and little fishes
    I am losing weight ... again... thank goodness. You are doing so well. Keep it up