Sunday, January 21, 2018

The boys

Living on a farmlet You have to deal with lots of vermin 
In previous years we used to have farm cats 
Three at one stage and I didn’t have to worry about mice and rats and rabbits digging up my gardens 
Then I had indoor only cats 
Sounds nice. But outside OMG 
Now the rabbits and mice were a massive pain 
But when I saw the rats. As big as the rabbits I said. Enough!
Enter these two cuties 
They will be my outside, living in the back with the dogs, or in the big shed 
Where ever they like 
Meet Sam and Dean hunters of vermin 
Here they are on th first day. I got them a week ago 
Sam is the grey fluffy one and dean is the black and white 
If you have ever seen supernatural the series you will know how they got their names 

They have spent their time between here, 
My bedroom and bathroom 
And the last few days, as it’s been so hot, in the spare room 
But they love it here! 
They also have bonded with the dogs and as you can see Teddy won’t leave them at all! 
I’ll slowly let them out to play with the dogs under supervision and then lock them back up 
Until they are a few months older 
I wasn’t going to blog about them. I’m nervous of all the back lash of having cats outside 
But if you have ever lived on acreage you  would know just big the problem is 
So there you are 
These two will have to take over from Buffy the rabbit slayer 
She has some mighty big paws to fill 
But having seen how they stalked my chickens I’m sure they will be fine 
My chickens will peck them while they are small and this seems to teach them not to mess with birds 
Buffy never brought home a dead bird 
So this is a good thing 
How bad is the vermin plague at your place? 
See ya xx


  1. Awww little babies. They don't look like they have a killer instinct.

    We don't have any problems here - that I can see.

  2. None that I know about here in Kilsyth - a couple of years ago we had those big things that start with R but seen at the bottom of the garden. Neighbours on one side have, well we'll call it, a 'messy' back garden. Stuff everywhere - plus birds in aviaries. There were mice and then those big things however once they got rid of/sold the birds etc and tidied up a bit the vermin seem to have gone. They demolished their composting area - just a heap really - and the smell has vanished as well!

  3. Love your little 'time wasters'. Start to record the minutes you stand and watch them having fun - bet you're surprised at the total lol

  4. Poppy they have a killer instinct. It’s called biting my hands lol
    And yes cathy they ar th best time wasters. Especially when they are in the house I sit with them for hours lol
    I sit on th floor and they climb all over me!

  5. I know about Jan and Dean and now I've met Sam and Dean. The latter are definitely cuter. Hope they stay as outside cats and dont end up in the house too! Small mice are nasty but rats, yuck. We do have rats somewhere outside, or we did. Our three wild cats used to bring half eaten ones to dump on our doorstep. Even yuckier. Haven't done for a while. It is a long cold winter and we dont feed them every day so they must have decimated the rodent population.

  6. very cute and I hope they turn out to be natural killers!!! Nothing wrong with having cats outside doing what they do naturally, keeping down the vermin population!!

  7. Tacky lives outside and works on the mice, moles and rats. She will come in to eat, but then she wants to go outside again. Cute kitties!

  8. Awww, I love cats as well as Supernatural and there esp Dean!
    Just the other day Hubby suggested to take a pic of the section with insect killers for our Aussie friends. It´s so small it´d make you laugh :-)
    The only good thing here: Near to no vermin...

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