Sunday, October 7, 2018

Spring has sprung

The clocks have changed and we are now in daylight savings time 
The weather man has predicted the next few days having warmer weather and sunshine 
I love to sit outside when it’s like that 
But after the long cold winter the outside isn’t very inviting 

So it was time for my bi annual window and house washing 
Gone are the days I can do it all myself and do the whole house in one day 
So being a Sunday hubby was home to help me move everything 
He used the blower to blow away all the leaves and most of the dust 
And I cleaned with my trusty broom, bucket and hose! 
It’s all been put back and it looks much cleaner and fresher 

So if you want me. I’ll probably be out the front enjoying the lovely weather 
Unless I’m out the back cleaning that! 

Might have to give myself a few days to rest first 
See ya xxx

1 comment:

  1. While you're cleaning the outside I'm cleaning the inside lol. Getting ready to put carpets down and change to thick curtains. Enjoy the sunshine