Saturday, October 13, 2018

Brianna’s baptism

Today we had Brianna’s baptism 
As I was busy being helper, I only got this one pic 
Here she is being held by my beautiful daughter Stephanie 
Her godfather is her dad’s uncle Rick 
She was so good. She didn’t cry at all 
He was so good at calming her. He is going to be a stellar godfather. 
It’s always a happy day when the family gets together.
May she always be blessed. 
See ya 


  1. So lovely. Best thing about these occasions is always the family get-together :D

  2. What beautiful girls. Lovely to share such special times with your lovely family.

  3. Na sas zhsei!!!
    Ftoo ftoo, beautiful girls indeed .
    I can see you had traditional Greek baptism. Yiayia is most important.