Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Life affirming

With the whole drama of anaphylaxis, fibro flares, and extreme pain and anxiety 
I was not in a good head space 
I was like these hanging pots 
All worn out and not dying, but not flourishing 

So I decided the pity party was over and headed off to the local Bunnings nursery Centre 
I got me some potting mix and new hanging pots 
And a variety of seedlings
And got to work 
The old pots are in the garden for now. The plants are not dead. So I’ll continually water them and then transplant them out into the garden 

But for now it’s all fresh and new again 
I specifically bought seedlings instead of more advanced plants, because I wanted to confirm that I’m here and I will be here 
For a long time
Seedlings take time to grow and flower, and my recovery will also

The sunshine was lovely on my sore body
The green soothing to my soul
And it’s always great therapy getting your hands dirty 
See ya xxx


  1. Sunshine and greenery...so good for the soul. Well spring and winter sunshine . I even love the oxalis in the winter because it covers the garden in a green carpet. Not so happy about it strangling the lettuces though.
    Your garden is going to be beautiful. Hope you get a little rain over the summer. Everything will grow like mad.

  2. I'm glad you are out in the garden. It is very healing. I love you. E

  3. Good for you Angela, I really admire your spirit! Your hanging pots will be beautiful 😊

  4. It must have been a lovely day, making your pots green and luscious again.