Monday, December 16, 2019

Making fudge

I decided I wanted to make some fudge 
So I checked out pinterest. As you do and found a couple of 
This first one is made on the stove top using White chocolate
Corn syrup and butter. 
I added crushed candy canes and mini smarties after it cooled down a tad 
I didn’t taste this. But it looks interesting 

I made a chocolate one in the slow cooker 
Takes longer 
And uses sweetened condensed milk instead of the corn syrup 

I did taste this one 
I got some on my fingers trying to pour it out lol 
And oh my it’s lovely and smooth. 
Just a mix of dark and milk chocolate and a dash of vanilla 
Got them both in the fridge setting 
I hope everyone will like them 

Apparently they do last a while in a sealed container
I don’t know how long they will last the hubby though lol 
Hope your all ready or just about done for Christmas 
I have a few last minute things and then I’m done 
Soon life will return to normal 
See ya xxx


  1. Haven't made candy for ages. Thought of doing divinty.

    1. Don’t know divinity. I’ll have to look it up

  2. Oh that fudge looks wonderful. I did used to make it but I ended up eating most of it and dont trust myself with it anymore.

  3. Smarties in fudge might be interesting, never had it that way.

  4. It's a good thing that I ate--and drank--so much last night that if I ate even a wee tiny wafer, I would explode like the fat man in the Monty Python film.

    1. I guess that didn't make a whole lot of sense. My point was that if I HADN'T eaten so much last night, I would right now be lusting mightily over your fudge.