Saturday, December 28, 2019


It’s a warm day today. And the alpacas are feeling the heat as they they haven’t been shorn yet 
So we have a sprinkler on for them to enjoy 
Even one of the lambs was playing in it 
The joys of farm life lol 

Sitting outside with the furbabies 
There is a lovely breeze so it’s nice outside 
We have opened the south facing blinds to take full advantage of the cool wind 

Apart from catching up on the washing 
Today is going to be a rest day 
Hope you get a chance to rest and relax too
See ya xxx


  1. Alpacas under the sprinkler just sounds hilarious! Enjoy your rest day; we all need those from time to time. Meg:)

    1. It looks hilarious. But they stayed there for ages lol