Saturday, September 26, 2020

Spring, kind of

It’s supposed to be spring here now but just like the rest of 2020 it’s not going to plan 
The weather has turned very chilly, in fact we have had snow in many parts of the country!

But I have my hot house and finally we have sprouted some seeds  top pic plus zucchini 
And baby tomatoes in the next one 

One lot of beans have gone ballistic but the other two pots are still just dirt. So we wait 

The are done fig cuttings a friend struck. I was gifted them and placed them in the hot house. Busting into foliage 

The grape cuttings were not a total loss. I have five and they too were brought into the hot house to protect them 

I found out they are sweet Muscat a white variety 
I’m thinking three to go for the Christmas present and I’ll keep two for me 

As I’m typing this the rains have come again 
So definitely a stay inside day with the fire going

We are still! In lockdown 
Can only travel five kilometres from home unless for work groceries or medical 

Wearing thin now I can tell you. But with this weather I guess we wouldn’t venture out too far anyway 

Stay safe and well
See ya xxx


  1. Cold here too in the west - rain for the coming week. Hang in there with the restrictions, hoping things improve soon. Good luck with the plants!

  2. That's a good start in the greenhouse given the first round wind damage. I read a great balanced piece of reporting about life with COVID ib bbc news this week. If i can find it again I'll post a link in your comments. It was kind of calming in it realism.

    1. Here it is

    2. Thank you. It’s interesting reading
      I really think we do have to learn to live with it. In the foreseeable future anyway

  3. Certainly been cold this past few days....and more to come!
    That’s a lovely idea to give the grape vines as presents- a gift that keeps on giving.
    I wonder what changes tomorrow will bring?

  4. Hope the figs and grapes thrive. They will be a great addition to your harvests in years to come.
    Also I sincerely hope your lockdown lifts as the weather gets warmer. As you say, it's being going on for too darn long

  5. Oh, the weather is so changeable! We have had 31C days up here that have dropped to 24C days with cold winds. I planted out little zucchini seedlings yesterday so I'm hoping for a bumper crop...we eat a lot of zucchini! Lucky you have your greenhouse! MegXx