Thursday, September 10, 2020

Third times the charm

My seeds have arrived. So I’ve gone out and planted some 
Let’s hope the wild winds have stopped now

They say third times the charm so fingers crossed 

Still in lockdown 
The sun is out today and it would of been perfect to wander the nursery looking at all the pretty plants. 

Hopefully soon life can return to some sort of normalcy stay safe and well
See ya xx


  1. Good luck with your seeds! My tomatoes are still growing and my aubergine are weird. They are supposed to be long and slim, but these are like the width of two pencils! The cucumbers turned yellow, and were the oddest shapes! My basil has been growing well and I’m loaded with chillies! But this summer, along with the rest of 2020 , has been very odd. Weather wise, plant wise etc. Autumn has showed signs of being here already, which in Portugal is earlier. It started late August with the vines already changing colours even before the harvesting of the grapes which is around now. Trees have started changing colours be aware that your crops might be odd too this year! 💖

  2. I been reading northern hemisphere blogs where weird and wonderful and not very bountiful harvests have been talked about. Here’s hoping your crops turn out the way you want them to Angela. Some cooler days com up so maybe they’ll get a good start.

  3. We can only try I guess
    Something always grows well. So we usually eat lots of that lol

  4. Good luck with the new seeds. We are about to try our autumn sown ones. In a couple of weeks it should have cooled enough to give them a go. The feline cousins will probably scratch a good percentage of them out but we won't be going for veg, so hopefully all that will happen is a 'redistribution', a flowers in random places.