Saturday, May 22, 2021

Frosty morning

Woke up this morning to fog and frost 
The pics don’t actually show how white the grass is but you can kinda see it on 
Th top of my car

Trixie and I are inside 
Under a blanket
With the fire roaring 
I think we will stay out for the next hour or so lol 

What’s the weather doing at your house? 

See ya xx


  1. Same as yours was except it’s a bit warmer now the suns broke through.
    Weather man says the same for tomorrow so I think it’s nearly winter:)

  2. Angela - stay put. That looks like a winter morning in my old home town Dunedin. (Or something we would have got in England) - not how we think of Aus.

  3. Brr that looks cold. Stay cuddled with Trixie.

  4. I enjoyed the cool-looking photos.

    "What’s the weather doing at your house?"

    At the moment, it's simply staring at me with loathing, although I fear it could attack.

    Forecast: 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit with continued drought and increasing risk of wildfires.

    The grass is turning brown and some trees are beginning to drop their leaves. The horrific fires of last year that burned-out hundreds of Oregonians (and the smoke of which turned the indoor air at our house gray and littered the furniture with ash), will doubtless return earlier and worse.

    What's this I'm hearing about a mouse invasion in Australia, and is it a problem where you live?

    1. Sorry about the late reply
      No the mouse plague is further north thank goodness
      Yes we know fire and it strikes fear in our hearts.
      Unfortunately I think it’s going to happen more and more from now on. Stay safe