Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hello! Here is my new baby girl. Her name is Bella. She was a very scared little girl but I brought her home and she is getting much better already.
She was the littlest girl in a house of many cats and I think she was just bullied a little. But I held her and I told her she was loved and safe here, and she let out a big sigh. Now she wants to come to me and play but I think a couple more days and she will be following me around. It's now nearly eight in the evening, and she has only been here since two this afternoon.
She has had a big day and meet Stephanie and my sister in law plus her two daughters.
She was very a very good girl and even tried to come out and play with stephanie.
I'm sure as the next few days progress I will inundate you with more photos.
See ya


  1. Aw... She's a cutie. Such a sweet little face. Congratulations on the new addition, Angela!

  2. I love grey cats so much!!! She is absolutely beautiful! And she could n't have found a more loving home!