Monday, January 7, 2013

Morning glory

This is the view from my hammock chair this morning. In the distance I can hear a lawnmower going, and the constant sound of birds. A dog is barking somewhere in the neighbourhood and my faithful cat is meowing because she wants some attention. Ina minute buffy when I finish typing hahaha.
I'm off to have lunch with leanne and her sister today, she goes in for major surgery on Wednesday and we don't know how she will come out of it. The worst case is no spleen and a colostomy bag.
But for now we are being upbeat for her, I know she is very scared
Hope life is treating you well. Oh and by the way I have worked out how to post pics on my blog while on the iPad. So I'll see how it goes.
See ya


  1. I love the photo's of your yard. Is that a weeping willow? I love those trees. I planted one here but it did not make it. I think I will try to put in another one. Now that we are now living here to take care of it. Please give Leanne a hug for me. I will be sending healing thoughts for her. I so wish the was a magical cure.

    1. Yes Erne it is a type of weeping willow. It's been here since before we moved it almost 25 years ago. We gave it a hair cut as it was blocking the sun from our solar panels but it still looks great. The kids would climb it when they were little! Thanks for the healing thoughts all the prayer we can get will be needed. Xxxx

  2. Beautiful yard!

    Hoping for the 'best case'!