Monday, January 21, 2013

Falling in love again

Bella is finally trusting me and now follows me around the house. It's taken less than 24 hours. Even as I type this she is trying to chew the iPad and is swiping my hands to play.
To tell you about her, she is a British shorthair and they are not supposed to be very vocal or cuddly. I think someone forgot to tell Bella though! She follows me around the house, climbs on me while I'm face booking in bed and if she wanders away she meows constantly. If I call her she answers and comes running. This morning she broke through the las to the hesitancy I felt and melted my heart. I even had a little cry, I think it was the guilty feelings I had about replacing sabastian. I can never replace him in my heart, I think there is lots of room for someone new.


  1. She sure is cute!
    Nope, Sabastian could not be replaced, we all understand that.
    Bella is going to help you though, not her intention - she just needs your love.
    She is adapting really well.

  2. Only you can spoil a cat in less than 24 hours! She looks like she owns the place!
    The fact that you took a scared kitten and filled her with trust, confidence and love in less than a day is what i love about you!
    You will help each other heal!
    We already have two cats and a dog and a bun in the oven in an apartment full of plants. So, we understand that we can not adapt a new fur baby. But for months we have both agreed that if we find a baby all grey kitten we would take it. You see we always wanted one and ended up adapting whoever the Fates brought in our ways. But, i am cool with my favourite sister witch adapting one and posting lots and lots of pictures!!!