Saturday, January 5, 2013

summer days

Yesterday the temp got up to 41 (104) degrees. It was a scorcher! Today it's nicer but still a day to be sitting inside me thinks. I don't do hot at all. All my joints swell up and it's nice. This morning my son took me out to brunch for my birthday so it was nice. But now I'm here while hubby is doing stuff around the house, I can here the chain saw and splitter going. And I'm just relaxing and reading, I'll go outside soon to water the. Veggie patch. I hope the weather is nice where you are, spare a though for our fellow Aussies in tassie. Huge fires going on there, hopefully they get them under control soon.
see ya


  1. Finally! I made it through with the computer from h-ll!

    Sounds too hot for me too, my feet get the size of gunboats in the summer, but I could use about an hour or so of that to remind me.

    Love the water photo!

  2. No chainsaws allowed here with fires raging. No power tools at all. 43C here tomorrow. I hate it ... just hate the hot weather. Sue