Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting ready

It's only four days till I board ship and head over to NZ.
It's getting exciting now. I looked at all my clothes and was a bit disappointed. I'm not much for clothes shopping so I don't have lots and what I have got I have worn to death.
So I used some of the money from the tin and purchased some new ones.
I wanted something green as I will be on board ship during st. Patrick's day.
I'm sure they will have a them night for that.
I also got some dressy clothes and some casual stuff too.
It's all things I will wear again and again, so no guilty feelings and I really did need new stuff.
Now to start the packing process, are you all like me.
I have to put things into the case as I think of it or I will totally forget.
Now for the weather to cool down. Its been nine days of over 30 here and mostly it's been in the mid 30's.(90's) I sure hope the weather in NZ is much cooler.
See ya


  1. You will love it Angela - which cruise line are you using? We are 4 cruises down and another booked for November. The year we did NZ it was certainly quite cool and that was in November. Just take layering clothes and a light jacket and don't forget to tell us all about it when you get home
    Take care and have fun
    Did the cool change arrive at your house? Fantastic isn't it

  2. Enjoy your trip for me! I hope you get the cool you crave.

  3. Yeah it is a bit cooler here. It has been 20 deg during the day, but 12 degrees at night, so you might need to bring some woollies. No rain yet though, we have had sunny days most of the time.

    A cruise sounds lovely.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. I am so happy for you. you will have a great time. If it is like American cruse. There will be amazing food for you to try. I make a list to make sure I have all I need packed. It helps allot. But a quick trip I throw things in a bag and forget some needed items I have to rebuy. lol.