Friday, March 8, 2013

Saving pennies

There is a greek saying that translates as,
Bean by bean the sack gets full.
Using this philosophy we have always had money tins where hubby empties his coin into at the end of the day.
He hates carrying coin!
Last night I was home alone, as he was working late, so I decided to open up the tin and count the money as it felt very full.
We got over $800.00 in it!
This will be put into my credit card and used as emergency money.
If we had just left it, as we used to, just sitting there it would of been used on silly things and never even missed. But this way it actually makes a big impact on our budget.
In the photo Bells decided to help me bag up the coins, she was very helpful. NOT!!!
So how about it, get to the $2.00 shop and get one of those tins you cannot get into without a can opener, and see how much money you can save.
See ya


  1. Here our bank gives us a debit card. That we use rather than check or money. So I very seldom us cash to get change. But we did save coin in the past like this.

  2. I have a $5 money jar, and do it every year. I pay with cash each week, and if I get a $5 in change, it goes into the tin. Every year it allows me to have a treat, a painting several years ago, last year a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and who knows this year.

    Julie and poppy Q