Saturday, March 2, 2013

A sunny Saturday

It was such a nice day we decided to go and try the new cafe near where we launch our boat when we go fishing. Lunch was very yummy and afterwards we walked to the boat ramp so I could take some photos to show you. I never get a chance when we go out as we are busy putting the boat into the water. In the first photo I am at the boat ramp looking back towards Tooradin.
The second is of the boat ramp. We now have two floating pontoons which go up and down with the tide. Much easier than climbing up when the water is low.
Then there is one of hubby Walking to the viewing deck, and the last is a shot from the top of the deck. Thats we're we go out into westernport and catch fish.
I hope you liked our little tour, enjoy your weekend.
See ya


  1. That 's nice! I am glad you had a good time! Have an even better weekend(what remains of it)!

  2. Blue sky - I am jealous!
    I feel like a mole about now, clouds, clouds, clouds...

  3. Gosh, we haven't been down that way for a few years - once all the hot weathers gone it will be a pleasant drive down that way. Must go elsewhere besides east of us into the hills and the valley.
    Hope you are feeling better now and not quite so down in the dumps
    Take care

  4. I enjoyed your photos from so very far away from Oregon, USA.