Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Things I have learnt

Thisnisnone if the dolls I have been knitting. She is a lot bigger than she is supposed to be,
I have learnt that I am a loose knitter and there for I should probably go for a smaller needle than the one suggested.
I didn't have the size needle they said so I used bigger needles. Not w good choice.
Even though is she big, huge, almost the size of a toddler she is coming together and with the adding on of the last of the bits and bobs she should look ok.
I did suggest I throw her out and stqrt again, but the ladies at knitting class told me not to do that.
One lady even said she would smack my bottom if I did. 
They all agreed that a sick child would love her. So I'm going to continue and make both dolls up and send them into the hospital package with the rest.
I'll post more photos when they are both done.
At least I've now learnt what I did wrong and can only get better, I hope. 
See ya


  1. Wow, im impressed. By the knitting and the intention to donate to sick kiddies. Lovely xxx

  2. You did great, I could never even begin to creat something like this. And a kid will love it.

  3. Angela, you did fine. You have to start somewhere. Loose knitter - 8ply wool =3.5 needles. Hopw that helps. Sue

  4. Angela, I think she looks great. There is someone out there that will love her to bits :)

  5. Aww she looks cute - I wouldn't know she was bigger than intended if you hadn't of told us.You have managed to design a new pattern and learn to knit all at once.
    Love Leanne

  6. Size doesn't always count - she will be loved! Cute!

  7. Thanks guys you have made me feel much better, and to think I wasn't going to show you because of the shame lol

  8. "One lady even said she would smack my bottom if I did."

    Ooh, baby.

    I don't why you don't like her. So what if she's big, the child might prefer her that way. You never know, and she is awfully cute. I would put eyes and a mouth on her though. I guess that's not in the plans, but things that are faceless weird me out.