Monday, December 2, 2013

Summer reading

Last week when hubby and I saw catching fire we saw some trailer for movies that looked very good indeed. Both films were based on books so of course I had to come home and immediately down load them to read before I see the movies.
One was Enders game, I have only just started the book, only up to chapter five, but it hooks you in from the start. 
So now that the weather is heating up, I don't have the heart to quilt or knit so I start to read. ALOT!
That night I downloaded seven books so that will keep me going for a few weeks.
I'll tell you about the second lot once I start reading them.  So if you want a good sci fi Enders game is looking very promising. I'll review the movie when I go see it.
Stay cool if your I'm Melbourne, it got very hot quickly didn't it .
see ya

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