Monday, May 1, 2017

Learning as we go

Here is the first skirt I knitted for Melody 
I didn't have a pattern or any measurements  and as you can see the waist is wayyyy too small 
So I undid it, not an easy job until I was back to the skirt 
And this is the second version 
Looks much better. But again it's a little small. 
Might of fitted when she was about nine months old. But not now 
So I've taken measurements and I'm about to start again 
This will be put away for another little girl that night come along 
And hopefully third time lucky for one that will fit now 
I'm happy with the second skirt so I'll make it the same way. Just more stitches 
A pattern would of helped but I'm happy to learn that hard way 
It's kinda what I always do anyway lol 
See ya xxx


  1. Very cute! Have you considered making it straight, and then folding it over and inserting some elastic? Not as cute as the garter stitch, but ...

    1. I'm just I'm just going to change to the garter and not decrease at all. Let the elsastic do it. And I'm casting on more stitches I'm hoping that works

    2. It was a great try. That is how you learn to create. It turned out beautiful. So net time you have more of an ideal of how to size it. I thin crocheting is easier to size. I have never tried to knit something like that.

    3. You are very patient unpicking and reknitting, although you had no choice the first time. That waist looks tiny. It is a beautiful pattern. Love the hem. She's a lucky girl to have a creative yiayia

  2. Yes, such patience Angela. The pattern is so pretty. You've done such a beautiful job.

  3. That is such beautiful and romantic color! I can imagine her wearing that and smelling a rose.. I hope the next one won't be that much trouble!! Many hugs and blessings sweet Angela...