Thursday, April 27, 2017

All about wood!

It's all about wood right now
The weather turned and did a complete 180!
The winds are very cold and it's been raining 
Not complaining. It's about time really. But it could if done it slowly lol 
So from the wood pile to wheel barrows by the door 
And even some inside. So during the night if I get up I don't have to open any doors 
We have or original fire going as we havent organised a fire gate as yet. This one is far enough that I can keep Melody away 
So now it's toasty warm in here 
Soup is in the slow cooker and I've got my yarn out. Ready to cast on another project 
Yup. Winter is here 
See ya xxx


  1. The Wheel sure has turned! Stay warm!!!

  2. I love soup. What kind did you make?

  3. Makes me chilly reading your post. The house in AL had a wood box built next to the house with a small access door near the fireplace.
    Well, if you are having winter ... our summer is probably going to really kick in. Oh, dear.

  4. Lucky you. A fire, warm soup and knitting. We're not sweating yet but it won't be long

  5. Hi Angela, thank you for stopping by my blog. Sorry to hear about your cold weather. We are just now getting away from ours and welcoming spring in Ontario. -Jenn