Tuesday, December 25, 2012

christmas day 2012

 Here are all the tables ready for hubbys family to come over and enjoy christmas with us. including us there were 18 of us.
 Hubby unwraping his gifts from our kids. He looks happy doesnt he.
 Baby girl and her fiance, Harley was very happy with his pressies and stephanie was excited too.
 Wondersons girlfriend with her wizards wand. stephanie had got her a tube full of nail polishes.
And finally wonderson opening his pressie, It was wonderful having them all home with me again.
Whatever you do and where ever you are I hope you have a very Merry christmas.
see ya


  1. Merry CHristmas Angela, from all of us here in Canada, and yes we do have a white Christmas!!


  2. Merry Christmas Angela - to all of you. Looks like the presents went down well. Sue

  3. I love how you can have Christmas in shorts. That is awesome!