Monday, December 17, 2012

making life a little easier

this folks is a retractable hose. beautiful isnt it. as I dont have oodles of energy, I was reluctant to go out and water the vegie garden as it ment that I would have to drag hoses from one part of the house to another. We have very long hoses here to reach all of the gardens and they were very heavy. I found that by the time I walked across to get the hose from where ever hubby had left it last, then drag it across to the back yard and attach it and unwind it and get all the knots out of it, I had not enery left to acually stand and water the gardens.
even though hubby has been pinching my back yard hose for years, because he always knew where it was connected and ready to go, he says its because the dog chews on it that he takes it out of the back yard. yeah right!
so the solution was this, it high enough that the dog cannot reach it and its very easy to pull out and water the garden with. then when finished a tug and it winds itself up again.
so now I can go back to doing what I enjoy, standing and watering my vegies.
see ya


  1. LOL hoses are a thing here too! For the last few years I've been given hoses for my gift. Brent wanted to buy me a retractable one as I always leave mine lying about - but it's how I like it. However seeing yours I could have my arm twisted.

    Love Leanne
    PS water meters are coming our way so I'm saving for a pump and another water tank.