Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

 As others know when your children leave home lots of things you had go with them. I have never had a full length mirror, but baby girl did so thats ok I always used hers. But since she left I have had to do without. We saw in the Aldi catalogue that they were getting in full length mirrors and as I was going with Leanne to the oncologist hubby offered to go and get one. Here he is putting it all together for me.
 Here he is adding the mirror to the legs, and below surprise, open the mirror and there is a cabinet for your jewelry. Isnt it great! Now to get me more jewels.
I told him that he could get it for my birthday which is only a few weeks away but he said no he'll get me something else for that.
very spoilt I am
see ya

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  1. What a treasure. I would have never thought of a mirror like this. I did not know they had storage in them. So happy for you. :)