Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Writers block

Hello all. Not much to report here, lots happening but nothing really to write about.
Still knitting, but must rest my hands frequently. It's been too warm to quilt so I'm just waiting to hit the craft room again.
Not vegetables to harvest as the summer was way too hot.
Still losing weight, 17 kilos down and now swimming twice a week
Wedding details constantly requiring attention.
So as you can see very busy but mostly mundane stuff.
Hope you are all well
Catch up soon


  1. I'd just take it easy for the time being Angela - piccies of 'your little girl ' entertain us and know you are still there!
    Have you tried Comfrey Cream for your hands. A doctor recommended it to me years ago, I rub it into my hands (particularly round the places that are bothering me) each night to help my joints when they swell, much better in them morning. I get it at the health food shop but you'll find pharmacies carry it as well.
    Google Comfrey Cream and read about it first.
    That's a great result with the weight loss - who's going to be a sexy mumma at the wedding ?? LOL
    Take care

  2. well done on your weight loss - go girl!

  3. Thanks ladies, yes cathy I have comfrey here. I'll try it xx