Monday, March 31, 2014

What a weekend

And it's not over yet!
Saturday hubby and with took baby girl to organise her flowers, another job off the list.
father that we had lunch and she took off to get a costume to wear too 30 th that night. 
All good we go home and relax. 

I get a phone call around nineish saying she had had an accident and that they were waiting for an ambulance to take her to hospital. She was ok except it looked like she had broken her wrist. 
Go to the hospital and stay there till around three in the morning. 
Leave her in there as it may need surgery. 
Take her best friend back to her house and retrieve baby girls car.
Get home around 4.30 am. Sleep four hours go back to hospital. 
They now tell us they have organised for her to be transferred to another hospital for surgery by osteo surgeon. 
Take her to other hospital re admit her and wait for consult

Yes surgery required but by now it getting on in the day so they are full.  
Surgery looks like it will be today. 
Now remember she was taken to hospital by ambulance wearing a Wonder Woman outfit. Her best friend and adopted daughter is dressed as captain America. 
Moral of story Wonder Woman cannot fly!
Oh yeah don't drink and try to climbe hay bails. You fall off and land on your wrist. 
Thank goodness she only broke her wrist. 

So now I have to go and get rest of outfit from her friend at work, return it. To the hire place and then go back to hospital to wait. 
A mothers work is never done
See ya

Warning photo is pretty bad. 


  1. I hope it all turns out well. You do know that I had to smile at her outfit...

    1. Sharon she was the bell of the emergency room. She made their night lol

  2. Oh... poor girl. That will show her what happens when you wear a costume and start to take over the persona of the character. Maybe she will wake with a sleeping beauty costume on!! hehe! You never know your luck in a big hospital.... hugs Sue

  3. I've just had to rejoin as a follower. I seem to have totally disappeared from all the blogs I followed over the last couple of years. Mmmmm... a blogger problem I think,

    1. I wondered where you had gone, glad your back. xx