Monday, March 17, 2014

Busy weekend busier start to week

After a busy Saturday in the city and arms browns, Sunday was spent inside watching the Grand Prix.
Hubby tried to mow and got most of it done but then the rains came and so he had to sit and watch the race. Sad isnt it lol
Me not interacting so I knitted and knitted and talk to friends on messenger and knitted. This is what I produced. 
I would of got the last one finished if it wasn't the for messaging. But not a bad effort. 
I then got on Pinterest and found lots of patterns for dishcloths. I pinned lots lol.
Some I pinned because I thought the squares would make a great baby blankie. I found some that would be great for little boys, 
So now I have got dinner in the slow cooker,and all animals fed and cleaned and waiting for Shirley to arrive as we are going on a road trip to bendigo to visit the wool mills there,
It's about 2 and a half hours away from here.
Hopeing to find lots of bargains so I can knit some more. Hahaha
Have a great day
See ya


  1. Knitting dishcloths - they are so very nice. I have a friend who does this and gives them all away. Then when she finds one at a yard sale, she will buy it for herself - because she knows how much they cost to make!

    I hope you had good luck shopping!