Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Getting back into the groove

I really haven't felt very creative recently. I wasn't picking up my needles at all. No knitting no crochet. I would just sit and read. Which is fine but I knew it wasn't normal to at least want to make things for me.
But I've been inspired again. I've started making these. And guess what they will be
Yup I'm going to make a frog!
Isn't he delightful. So as to set the knowledge firmly into my head I'm make two sets of each stage so effectively I'll be making two frogs at the same time. 
I have the yarn reqdy for the second frog. I'll show you when I hav finished all of them. 
But for now I'm making 14 hexagons in this colour combo. What do you think? Pretty cool huh!
See ya xx


  1. I am loving it! That is "charming"

    1. Thank you. They are not hard to make but boy are they time consuming. It will be a project to get me through the hot months I'm sure lol